Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bunjee Jumping at Victoria Falls

This is where I was planning to jump, 110meters into the Zambezi River, into the Victoria Falls

I'm trying to negotiate for an extra minute to compose myself...

I was terrified, mortified, perified , stupified by fear...

I prayed(in my own way) and ther was sudden calm...

Its finally over...

This is how I went bunjee jumping over Victoria Falls and ended up dangling between Zambian and Zimbabwean airspace

Friday, November 5, 2010

The sexiest love scenes ever made in film history

I'm willing to debate on it a little, but to me, the two sexiest love scenes ever made in film are brief, and almost obscure. In 'Out of Africa' Mery Streep and Robert Redford have a go at in in a scene so dark you can hardly make out their features, and the sheets cover them up so primly and properly, it is only when he says "Don't move" and she replies"But I want to move", that you tell they are in the throes of lovemaking, the whispered words leaves me so curious to see even more,just then the scene changes and I don't get further details (how tantalizing).

This scene alone depicts the kind of adventrous and free spirited woman Karen Blixen is portrayed to be, Redford plays her lover, (himself an independent spirit not to be tied down), who moves into her home soon after she asks her husband ever so politely to move out after he give her syphilis(which made her sterile) and his endless love affairs thereafter.

Blixen shortly before braves a 3 day journey across rough terrain that even the men(African or otherwise) in Northern Kenya had a horrific time doing, such that by the time she arrived with their supplies to help them win a battle based on the 1st world war, they stand mouths agape at her audacity. She dares, and dares again and again...whats not to admire about her, and her voice"I had a farm in Africa" which begins the magical tale behind a woman who becomes a storyteller and a writer..someone should really do a film on her life back home in Denmark after her last coffee crop failed.

In "Cat on a hot tin roof" Elizabeth Taylor, a bold, beautiful and loyal woman finds herself accused of having an affair with her husbands best friend, her husband being a stubborn man played by Paul Newman, who happened to have a drinking problem and is disbled by a football injury. As a result her husband denies her his affections in spite of her nightly nagging and pleading, so she is well and truely sexually starved.(I don't know about you, but I've never seen this concept portrayed in film)

It is only after Big Daddy's birthday party where Big Daddy, Newman's dying father, confronts his son about the episode involving the attempted seduction of Elizabeth Taylors character, and the seducers suicide thereafter, that Newman is satisfied by his wife's loyalty, and he leads her up the stairs for a celebratory session, in a scene that ends with a kiss and a lowering of the two characters onto a four poster bed, before a black screen with 'the end' puts an end to my curious ways

Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet me in Bamako

I met Salif Keita thrice in one day...if thats not luck, then I don't know what is. Not only did i get to have a conversation with him, by the time we both got to Bamako (his home town)I was well and truely affected by his aura and persona, and was converted into a lifetime fan of his passion, African music...or else he is a very friendly down to earth guy who connects with people particularly well ...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Singing star accused of spreading HIV

28 year old German-Moroccan No-Angels star Nadja Benaissa is being called a monster for having unprotected sexual relations with three men, when she knew she was HIV positive(and they didn't).She has been aware of her status since she was 17 when she discovered after a routine pregnancy checkup when she was 3 months into expecting her now 12 year old daughter. The man who is said to have infected her is a French footballer of Senegalise origin-who is also said to have had relations with her, knowing he was HIV positive.

After discovering her status,she and her future partners used protection, later the condoms were discarded when the relationships became more serious.

Nadja claims her doctors told her chances of transmitting the infection were next to nil, so she believed she was not putting anyone at risk. One of the men was found to be HIV positive-he found out from Nadja's aunt and had a test. He later accused her in court, though it is yet to be established whether he was infected from having sexual relations with her. The other two men tested negative. She also made a tearful apology in the German court saying she should have handled the situation differently.

The singer admitted to have been addicted to crack cocaine at 14 said that now that her HIV status was public knowledge she would have to make the best of things.She commented about living with HIV."I am actually completely healthy, not sick. I am HIV positive. Being HIV positive doesn't mean being ill. If the disease breaks out it is called AIDS. I have a completely normal life expectancy."

Nadja smiled throughout the trial and maintained a demure appearance in formal shirt-different from the showbiz attire she's normally photographed in. She faces between 6 months and 10 years in jail if convicted of causing bodily harm or attempting to cause bodily harm.

Do you accept her explanation that she believed the chances of infecting others was next to nil? Post your comments on this

Check out the video of the court session on the bbc website

Monday, May 31, 2010

Twisted Hela

For most people, money represents a myriad of things, for some, money represents safety and security,knowing that neither they nor their relatives living up-country in the rural areas will ever starve

For others, money represents a tool their parents used to manipulate, torture and torment them, to control them and vent out their frustrations in life.(am i made of money???why are you always asking me for money? You think money grows out of trees?)

Money means love, where your rich daddy lavished you with gifts when you were good (and he was away on business trips most of the time)and refused to give you pocket money when you were bad.

At the same time, how you relate with money is also another complexity. Some people hold tight to it ,never letting go, lest they become poor,(and display irritating miserly qualities that drive away friends who feel they are being taken advantage of) others spend it even before they get it in the hopes of buying approval and obtaining with some luck, the luxury lifestyle they always dreamed of(as a result they are almost always in debt, borrowing from friends who end up feeling they are being taken advantage of)

Even employers reel you in using money, they pay you so that before then end of the month you are literaly begging for pay day to hurry up and come along, so u can be free to pay for this and that, and continue living. 

Men use money to reward and punish(no sex,no housekeeping money) and women too choose men according how much money there are willing to lavish on them(others choose men according to their earning potential

All these complexities are like a sensitive ulcer, kidonda ndugu, one that won’t heal. So if you are lending or borrowing money, you are dealing with that parties wounds. no wonder most people are logical until it comes to discussing money, when the argument you have with your friend about the loan, is really an assertion of freedom from their Dad who controlled them with money...etc etc