Friday, August 20, 2010

Singing star accused of spreading HIV

28 year old German-Moroccan No-Angels star Nadja Benaissa is being called a monster for having unprotected sexual relations with three men, when she knew she was HIV positive(and they didn't).She has been aware of her status since she was 17 when she discovered after a routine pregnancy checkup when she was 3 months into expecting her now 12 year old daughter. The man who is said to have infected her is a French footballer of Senegalise origin-who is also said to have had relations with her, knowing he was HIV positive.

After discovering her status,she and her future partners used protection, later the condoms were discarded when the relationships became more serious.

Nadja claims her doctors told her chances of transmitting the infection were next to nil, so she believed she was not putting anyone at risk. One of the men was found to be HIV positive-he found out from Nadja's aunt and had a test. He later accused her in court, though it is yet to be established whether he was infected from having sexual relations with her. The other two men tested negative. She also made a tearful apology in the German court saying she should have handled the situation differently.

The singer admitted to have been addicted to crack cocaine at 14 said that now that her HIV status was public knowledge she would have to make the best of things.She commented about living with HIV."I am actually completely healthy, not sick. I am HIV positive. Being HIV positive doesn't mean being ill. If the disease breaks out it is called AIDS. I have a completely normal life expectancy."

Nadja smiled throughout the trial and maintained a demure appearance in formal shirt-different from the showbiz attire she's normally photographed in. She faces between 6 months and 10 years in jail if convicted of causing bodily harm or attempting to cause bodily harm.

Do you accept her explanation that she believed the chances of infecting others was next to nil? Post your comments on this

Check out the video of the court session on the bbc website