Monday, May 31, 2010

Twisted Hela

For most people, money represents a myriad of things, for some, money represents safety and security,knowing that neither they nor their relatives living up-country in the rural areas will ever starve

For others, money represents a tool their parents used to manipulate, torture and torment them, to control them and vent out their frustrations in life.(am i made of money???why are you always asking me for money? You think money grows out of trees?)

Money means love, where your rich daddy lavished you with gifts when you were good (and he was away on business trips most of the time)and refused to give you pocket money when you were bad.

At the same time, how you relate with money is also another complexity. Some people hold tight to it ,never letting go, lest they become poor,(and display irritating miserly qualities that drive away friends who feel they are being taken advantage of) others spend it even before they get it in the hopes of buying approval and obtaining with some luck, the luxury lifestyle they always dreamed of(as a result they are almost always in debt, borrowing from friends who end up feeling they are being taken advantage of)

Even employers reel you in using money, they pay you so that before then end of the month you are literaly begging for pay day to hurry up and come along, so u can be free to pay for this and that, and continue living. 

Men use money to reward and punish(no sex,no housekeeping money) and women too choose men according how much money there are willing to lavish on them(others choose men according to their earning potential

All these complexities are like a sensitive ulcer, kidonda ndugu, one that won’t heal. So if you are lending or borrowing money, you are dealing with that parties wounds. no wonder most people are logical until it comes to discussing money, when the argument you have with your friend about the loan, is really an assertion of freedom from their Dad who controlled them with money...etc etc


  1. What about the positivity of money? Money makes me alive and not only alive but alive with possibilities. Money is everything about Life, just depends on how much but its still money at the end of the day

  2. Money is just but a by product of ones concerted efforts, ideally on its own money can neither give you satisfaction, joy or happiness all important attributes that we as humans desire to attain

  3. never appears in isolation... you either earn it, borrow it, beg or steal to get it from this comes with emotions related to where you got it from, or how you got it

  4. Lina...imagine this, if we all went about our business i.e creating, growing or producing stuff not for money but to satisfy our needs and wants you do realize that money stands to be irrelevant in such an did our forefathers do it?!

  5. Men and poké? And money too?