Friday, November 5, 2010

The sexiest love scenes ever made in film history

I'm willing to debate on it a little, but to me, the two sexiest love scenes ever made in film are brief, and almost obscure. In 'Out of Africa' Mery Streep and Robert Redford have a go at in in a scene so dark you can hardly make out their features, and the sheets cover them up so primly and properly, it is only when he says "Don't move" and she replies"But I want to move", that you tell they are in the throes of lovemaking, the whispered words leaves me so curious to see even more,just then the scene changes and I don't get further details (how tantalizing).

This scene alone depicts the kind of adventrous and free spirited woman Karen Blixen is portrayed to be, Redford plays her lover, (himself an independent spirit not to be tied down), who moves into her home soon after she asks her husband ever so politely to move out after he give her syphilis(which made her sterile) and his endless love affairs thereafter.

Blixen shortly before braves a 3 day journey across rough terrain that even the men(African or otherwise) in Northern Kenya had a horrific time doing, such that by the time she arrived with their supplies to help them win a battle based on the 1st world war, they stand mouths agape at her audacity. She dares, and dares again and again...whats not to admire about her, and her voice"I had a farm in Africa" which begins the magical tale behind a woman who becomes a storyteller and a writer..someone should really do a film on her life back home in Denmark after her last coffee crop failed.

In "Cat on a hot tin roof" Elizabeth Taylor, a bold, beautiful and loyal woman finds herself accused of having an affair with her husbands best friend, her husband being a stubborn man played by Paul Newman, who happened to have a drinking problem and is disbled by a football injury. As a result her husband denies her his affections in spite of her nightly nagging and pleading, so she is well and truely sexually starved.(I don't know about you, but I've never seen this concept portrayed in film)

It is only after Big Daddy's birthday party where Big Daddy, Newman's dying father, confronts his son about the episode involving the attempted seduction of Elizabeth Taylors character, and the seducers suicide thereafter, that Newman is satisfied by his wife's loyalty, and he leads her up the stairs for a celebratory session, in a scene that ends with a kiss and a lowering of the two characters onto a four poster bed, before a black screen with 'the end' puts an end to my curious ways

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